Content Style

UX Writers, designers and developers can use this Content Style Guide as an instruction to writing style, usage, text for copy, documentation, reference information, and copy for all Rocket Products digital experiences.

Main Takeaways

  • Use headings to label sections in a page according to their importance.
  • As a general rule, use start case for headers.
  • Use sentence case for body copy, email subject lines and pre-headers.
  • Use double quotes when quoting someone’s words.

Table Of Contents


Use for visual presentation of pieces of text to make it easy for users to read.

As a general rule, use start case for headers, use either start case or sentence case for dropdown options and labels, depending on the context.

Start Case

Capitalize the first letter of each word, regardless of length or part of speech. When using start case, avoid using end punctuation other than question marks.


  • Headers that are descriptive or functional
  • All subheads regardless of whether the primary header is title or sentence case
  • All buttons labels (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Buttons)
  • Menu items
  • Chart and table headers
  • Referring to the name of a page


  • Homeowners Insurance Info
  • How To Buy A Home
  • Lock Your Rate And Save
  • Check Your To Do List

Sentence Case

Sentence case capitalizes the first word of the sentence as well as proper nouns.


  • Emotional and Impactful headers
  • Special instances, where there may be two primary headers on a page
  • Body copy
  • Email subject lines and pre-headers
  • Use end punctuation when the list item is a complete sentence


  • We’re here to help!
  • If you want the lowest payment possible, you might want to look at a 30-year fixed loan.
  • Lock your rate and save.
  • Interest rates are on the rise.
  • Welcome to Rocket Mortgage.

Quotation Marks

Use opening and closing quotes to show the start and endpoint of quoted content.


  • Use double quotes for quoting someone’s words.
  • When quotation marks are needed in headlines, subheads and email subject lines, use single quotation marks.
  • Don’t use quotation marks when citing the full name of an online article within an interface.



  • "Rocket Mortgage®, Built for Zero and communities like mine have ended veteran homelessness," says John Meier, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Built for Zero leader.
  • Money Magazine says, 'Rocket Mortgage's online application is simple.'


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  • You can get more information from our “Home Buying Checklist For First-Time Home Buyers.”

For more information on Content Style Guidelines, refer to the W3C Style Guide (Web Content Manual of Style).


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