We are working on a new version of our documentation site! You can see a preview of the new developer docs now for Angular , React , and HTML. The new documentation site is under development and may not be in a working state all the time. Please reach out to the Spark team with any feedback or questions.

Welcome to the Spark Design System, a product of Quicken Loans. Spark Design System is a system of patterns and components used to create the user interface for the Quicken Loans family of Fintech products.


Spark contains the patterns and components that make up the visual and interaction design of the Quicken Loans family of Fintech products. If your application is expected to look and behave like a Quicken Loans application, this package is the starting point. When the Spark Sass and JS setup files are imported into an application you will receive code for all of Spark.

The following components are in Spark: